Complete the sentences.1)If my friend is ill...
2)If my best friend didn,t do
his/her homework...
3)If your friend is depressed...
4)If I were in trouble,my friend...
5)If you are laughed at,your best friend...
6)If I were my best friend...


Ответы и объяснения

I will stay with him at home
I would help him/her
would help me
will defend you
I would love me :D
1) If my friend is ill, I try to take care of him
2) If my best friend didn't do his homework, he would get a bad mark
3) If your friend is depressed, you should leave him alone
4) if I were in trouble, my friend would help me
5) if you are laughed at, your best friend will say that it's okay
6) if I were my best friend, my best friend would be me