Read the text. Fill in the gaps. (inside, to, in, from, on, of, with, outside.)

Sam and Kate were __ the temple. It was dark there. Sam lit a fire.
Beano returned __ the camp and found Professor Wallace. The professor saw a smoke signal. She ran __ the forest and rescued them __ the old temple. They found some old paintings __ the wall __ the temple. The first one was a picture __ a beautiful girl. The girl in the picture had the orchid __ her hand and she gave it __ the young prince.
Then they found a picture of a rock. It looked like an eagle.
Now they are __ the temple and Beano is __ Sam. But Joseph Alexander isn't __ them. They are a long way __ their camp now. They are going to find the orchid and they will go __ Eagle Rock. Who will find the orchid?


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In. from. to. inside. on. of. of. on. to. outside. with. with. in. to