1. Your mother’s sister is your …
a) grandmother b) aunt c) cousin
2. Your mother is your father’s …
a) sister b) daughter c) wife
3. A mail parent is your ….
a) father b) mother c) daughter
4. Your sister’s son is your …
a) uncle b) cousin c) nephew
5. Let’s have breakfast. I’ve already … the table.
a) put b) clear c) set
6. His little sister usually … care of their pets.
a) is taking b) took c) takes
7. Yesterday we … to the disco.
a) went b) go c) has gone
8. Have you bought presents for all your … ?
a) nicknames b) situations c) relatives
9. Next year my parents …. Great Britain.
a) are going to b) have gone to c) go to
10. Попугаи моей сестры
a) my sisters’ parrots b) my sister’s parrot c) my sister’s parrots
11. Игрушки моих сыновей
a) my sons’ toys b) my son’s toys c) my sons’ toy
12. I have never … to England.
a) was b) been c) be
13. Listen! Somebody … the guitar.
a) play b) has played c) is playing
14. Parents must talk to their children more …
a) often b) sometimes c) never
15. My mother is angry. My elder brother … … rubbish.
a) haven’t taken b) takes c) hasn’t taken
16. We … in the center of town.
a) lives b) live c) is living
17. He … to play tennis.
a) don’t like b) doesn’t like c) doesn’t likes
18. Tom … in Africa.
a) didn’t b) aren’t c) wasn’t
19. My aunt … a small garden.
a) has b) have c) is
1. Your mother’s mother is your …
a) niece b) grandmother c) aunt
2. A female parent is your …
a) sister b) father c) mother
3. Your father is your mother’s …
a) brother b) husband c) son
4. Your father’s brother is your …
a) nephew b) brother c) uncle
5. My aunt is going to cook a big …
a) pie b) picnic c) party
6. Her elder sister … a great party a week ago.
a) has arranged b) arranged c) is arranging
7. I always get … for English lesson.
a) up b) ready c) rid of
8. Привычки моего дяди.
a) my uncles’ habit b) my uncle’s habit c) my uncle’s habits
9. Дом моих родственников.
a) my relatives’ house b) my relatives’s house c) my relatives’ houses
10. Every day she … the table.
a) clear b) clears c) cleared
11. Mary … visit her friends tomorrow.
a) didn’t b) doesn’t c) won’t
12. … speak English or Russian?
a) have they b) are they c) do they
13. My nephew is tired. He just … out the rubbish.
a) has gone b) has taken c) will take
14. His … brother joined us later.
a) elder b) older c) bigger
15. Children must help their parents with the …
a) sleeping b) washing up c) watching TV
16. They …. Discussed the problem yet.
a) didn’t b) hasn’t c) haven’t
17. The students … to join the scientific society next year.
a) are going b) go c) have gone
18. There … a bird in the box.
a) was b) were c) are
19. Did they … to Moscow last month?
a) went b) will go c) go

Исправьте слово в I варианте
3.A male parent is your ….
a) father b) mother c) daughter

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1. B); 2. c); 3. a); 4. c); 5. c); 6. c); 7. a); 8. c); 9. a); 10. c); 11. a); 12. b); 13. c); 14. a); 15. c); 16. b); 17. b); 18. c); 19. a);
1. b); 2. c); 3. b); 4. c); 5. a); 6. b); 7. b); 8. c); 9. a); 10. b); 11. c); 12. c); 13. b); 14. a); 15. b); 16. c); 17. a); 18. a); 19. a).