V. Заполните пропуски неопределенными местоимениями и наречиями и переведите предложения иа русский язык.1. Сап ... help me with this work today? 2. I’ll be very glad if you invite ... else to join us. 3. ... of us could answer this difficult question. 4. If ... rings me up, tell them that I’ll be at home at five. 5. ... must be done to save the child’s life. 6. If you don’t find ... at home when you get back, you’ll have to wait for me. 7. We got home late and ... went to bed at once. 8. Can you get this book for me ...? 9. I don’t like shopping on Saturday because there are too many people ....10. “I don’t think ... is here yet. Let’s wait a little longег.” 11. Is ... clear to you or shall I repeat the rule?12. ... wanted to go to the country, but as it's raining hard-, we shan’t go today. 13.. Ask ... else. I know ... about it, so I can’t tell you ... . 14. As ... is clear to ... , I’m not going to say ... else.
ями, где это необходимо, и перескажите текст.Jack London, ... great American novelist, was born in ... San Francisco and spent ... first years of ... life there.John London, ... father of ... family, left ... farm and moved to ... town. He tried a lot of trades, but couldn’t make enough money to send ... children to ... school. Jack London had to begin earning ... living at ... early age. He sold ... morning and evening papers in ... streets. At ... age of fourteen he began working in ... factory. He worked eighteen to twenty hours ... day. Then he became ... sailor. Jack London travelled ... lot. He had to do ... very hard work, but he also read ... lot and tried to get ... education. He went to ... school and to ... University. In addition he read ... lot of books on ... History and Philosophy. Jack London’s ambition was to become ... writer.Later London went to ... Far North of ... America. He didn’t bring back any gold from there, but he brought something much better than ... yellow metal. It was ... book of ... stories about ... life in ... North. He had real ized ... ambition; he had become ... writer.X. Заполните пропуски предлогами и наречиями, где это необходимо.1. When Dickens was a boy ...... four, his fathershowed him a beautiful house ... the place where they were living ... that time.“Why can't we live .. a fine house like that?" the boy asked his father.“We’re rather poor, and can’t pay ... it,” his father answered.Little Charles often went ... that place. He liked to look ... the house and play outside it. Many years later he really moved ... that house and lived there ... a long time.2. Theodore Dreiser, the great American writer, was born ... the 27th ... August, 1871 ... a small townAmerica. 3. When Jack London was a boy ...... ten, hesold newspapers ... the streets and ... this way helped ...


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слишком большой текст, не осилил...

Ответы и объяснения

1. You. Можешь мне помочь с этой работой сегодня?
2. Someone . Я буду раз если ты пригласить кого- нибудь еще с нами.
3. Somebody. Кто-то из нас мог бы ответить на этот трудный вопрос.
4. Anybody . Если кто- либо будет мне звонить, скажи им что я буду дома в пять.
5everyone . Каждый должен стараться сохранить жизнь ребенка.
6. Me . если ты не застанешь меня дома, когда вернешься, то дождись меня.
7. Everyone. Мы вернулись домой поздно и каждый сразу же отправился в кровать.
8. Someday. Можешь одолжить мне эту книгу когда-нибудь.
9. Always. Я не люблю ходить по магазинам в субботу, потому что там всегда слишком много людей.
10.someone. Я не думаю, что кто-то уже здесь. Давай подождем еще немного.
11. Everything. Все ли понятно вам или я должен повторить правило?
12. Everyone. Каждый хотел поехать в деревню, но поскольку был сильный дождь, мы не смогли поехать сегодня.
13.someone . Спросите кого-нибудь еще. Nothing. Я ничего об этом не знаю, anything поэтому не смогу вам что- либо сказать.
14. Everything , everyone, some. Раз всем все понятно, я не буду говорить что- то еще.

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