2. Complete the sentences with a suitable adjective.
a. confused; b. annoying; c. interested; d. frustrating; e. frightened

1.I can’t understand the rules of this game. I feel totally … .2.I found learning to skate really … . I just kept falling over.3.I wish you would stop doing that. It’s really … .4.Some people are … of hurting themselves and don’t do risky sports.5.Would you be … in playing chess with me?

3. Complete the gaps with correct prepositions.
a. of; b. into; c. out of; d. up; e. to

1.He has lost the game. I think he didn’t put enough effort … training.2.I would never agree to do parachute jumping. It’s … the question for me.3.She has a very good chance of winning. She does it … the best of her abilities.4.When did you take … football?5.I am dreaming … becoming a professional sportsman one day.


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1 задание. Confused, frustrating, annoying, frightened, interested. 2 задание. Into, out of, of, up, to
во 2.into, out of, to, up, of. Извини, ошиблась когда печатала