Ребят , прошу вас помогите срочно !
нужно составить коротенький диалог межу сыном/дочерью и родителем , используя вспомогательные слова (фото)
Слова родителя и слова сына/дочери


Ответы и объяснения

Father: Peter, our grandmother invited us to her to the reunion party on Saturday at 5 p.m.
Peter: Father, I'm going to meet with my girlfriend Mary! I have already arranged with her on Saturday. 
Father: Understand, this meeting is very important for our family! You can meet on Sunday with Mary. 
Peter: I understand that this party is very important for all us, but I can't  reschedule! I miss her very much!
Father: I understand you very well! Why don't you take her with us?
Peter: That sounds like a good idea! I agree!
Father: Very well! When it's settled, son!