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Change the sentences into indirect speech.

1) "Have you got a ticket to the concert?"
They asked him...
2) "Does he always get such good marks?"
I wondered if...
3) "Please, please lend me the money!"
My brother beged me...
4) "We must leave early tomorrow"
They told us...
5) "How much do you earn?'
I'd like to kmow...
6) "Don't worry! You can rely on me."
She told me...
7) "How many times have you been to the United States?"
She wanted to know...
8) "Don't play with matches or you'll burn yourself."
Sally wanted to know...
9) "I can't swim very well."
She was sorry...
10) "Shut up and sit down!"
The officer ordered the soldiers...


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1) They asked him if he had a ticket to the concert.
2)  I wondered if he always got such good marks.
3)  My brother begged me to lend him money.
4)  They told us that we must leave the next day.
5)  I'd like to know how much they earn.
6)     She told me not to worry.I could rely on him.
7)     She wanted to know how many times had we been to the United States.
8)      Sally wanted to know what would happen if to play with matches.
9)      She was sorry that she couldn't swim very well..
10)        The officer ordered the soldiers to shut up and sit down.