Помогите пожалуйста нужен реферат или конспект на тематику : The group I would like to create по английскому языку за 10 класс, очень нужно от этого зависит отценка !


Ответы и объяснения

1. Young people whodress in a shockingway to expresstheir identity. Theyhave brightlycoloured hair andwear metal chains.They are thoughtto rebel against thesociety or the oldergeneration. Themusic isaggressive. Theyreject everything.2. Some classify thesepeople like drug usersand rock and rollfans, since theirbehaviour andattitudes differ fromsocial norms. They donot conform tosociety’s standardsand support a liberalattitude and lifestyle.They accept otherpeople as they are.They always want tochange the world forthe best.3. They are the ‘wizards’ of the computer community; people with a deep understanding of how their computers work, and can do things with them that seem ‘magical’ to express themselves. They do not protest against their parents.4. These are the folkswho use computer-made , synthesizedmusic, and drugs tocreate massive all-night dance partiesin empty ware-houses. They like tobe in a collective.They want to try outall sort of optionsand are thought tobe violent andrebellious.5. All persons whoride 2 orsometimes 3wheeledmotorized vehiclesand who identifythemselves with aparticularsubculture. Theyusually wearleather jackets andarmy boots.6. People who intheir club getpracticalexperience inagriculture,home crafts andcountry lifegenerally.7. They are concernedabout and want toimprove or protectnature. Usually theyjoin Greenpeace,Friends of the Earthand the like. Theyprefer non-violentdirect actions tosolve ecologicalproblems.8. These people do voluntary work in the community, help needy people, may join an organisation like the Samaritans.9. Members of one of the leading youth organisations in Britain. They are trained to use their initiative, learn to use practical skills. Their moral values are loyalty and responsibility.10. They areextremelynationalistic.They areaggressive. Theydo not conformto societystandards. Theyreject everything.11.  To help nature To change the world for the best Do not protest against the parents To be in a collective To differ from other people To help people around, needy people To conform to society standarts To get some skills Improve or protect nature (попробуи может подоидет :) )