СРОЧНО ОЧЕНЬ!!!! Complete the sentences with the correct form of verbs 1)Lilit avoided(meet)the newcomer2)Winter used(be)warmer and the transport use (be)better3)They never mange (ask) proper questions 4)I would like (be) ib Vegas now 5)Claus pretended (be )polite


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1)Lilit avoided meeting the newcomer

2)Winter  is used to be warmer and the transport  is used  to be better

3)They have  never manged to ask propper questions

4)I would like to be  in Vegas now

5)Claus pretended  to be  polite

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1. Lilit avoided meeting the newcomer.

2. Winter used to be warmer and the transport used to be better.

3. They have never manged to ask propper questions.

4. I would like to be in Vegas now.

5. Claus pretended to be polite.