Помогите! по этому тексту составаить краткий пересказ (очень краткий от 5 предложении до 7).
hi! i m willy barton. usually i go to school on Monday, Thuesday wednesday Thursday and Friday. Today is Friday but I m at home, All my friends are at school now. They are readinf writing or countinf. I m not reading i m not writig and i m not counting. I m in bed. I sleep a lot and drink hot milk. My friend Mark is going to the swimming pool now. But i m not going to the swimming pool. I m not runing i m not playing football and i m not riding my new bike. I n ill!


Ответы и объяснения

The text tells the story of Willy Barton, who stay at home when his friends are in school. He is at home because he's got ill.