Change the following sentences into reported speech.
1) the spokesman said: I cant understand why billiards has been prohibited.
2) the lawyer exclaimed: We have had too many prohibitions.
3) the young lady said: I did not make such a mistake.
4) she said: Well go and get some food.
5) winston churchill said: I wake up at six every day.
6) a company representative said: This probably wont happen.
7) a farmer said: If the situation goes on like this, we will lose the consumers confidence forever.
8) he added: We need someone who will realise that celibacy has to be a personal choise.
9) she said: I think the amount of immigrants right now is OK, but i dont think we need any more.
10) hesaid: In Japan paper- folding was valued for its decorative function.
11) if i dont win this game, i will retire, kasparov said.
12) the police said: Tom jones pienned the robbery.
13) she said: As a woman, my life will change with the new millenium.
14) i watched a documentary about dolphins on TV yesterday, said john.
15) im living the adventure of my life, banderas said.


Ответы и объяснения

1.the spokesman said that he couldn`t understand why billiards had been prohibited
2. the  lawyer exclaimed that we had had too many prohibitions
3. the young lady said that she had`t done such a mistake
4. she said to go and get some food
5. winston churchill said he woke up at six every day
6. a company representative said this probably wouldn`t happen