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Winnie the Pooh - a teddy bear , a great friend Christopher Robin . With them come a variety of stories . One day , coming into the clearing , Winnie the Pooh sees high oak, on top of which something is buzzing : zhzhzhzhzhzhzh ! Wasted no buzz will not, and Winnie the Pooh trying to climb a tree for honey. Falling into the bushes bear goes to Christopher Robin for help. Taking the boy's blue balloon , Pooh rises into the air , chanting "special Tuchkin song ": "I Tuchka , Tuchka , Tuchka , / And not bear, / Oh, how nice Tuchke / fly in the sky ! "
But bees behave "suspiciously" , according to Winnie the Pooh, that is, that they verily - suspect . One after another, they fly out of the hollow sting and Winnie the Pooh. ("It's wrong bees - understands bear - they'll probably make the wrong honey." ) And Pooh asks the boy to knock the ball out of the shotgun. " He messed up " - objected Christopher Robin . " And if you do not shoot , I'm spoiled ," - said Pooh . And boy , realizing how to act , knocks the ball . Winnie the Pooh is gently lowered to the ground. However, after a week of bear paws sticking up and he could not move them . If his nose was getting a fly had her blow " Puhh ! Puhhh ! " Perhaps that is why it was named Pooh .
Once Pooh went to visit Rabbit , who lived in a hole . Winnie the Pooh has always been not averse to " eat ", but visiting Rabbit he clearly allowed himself too much and therefore , getting stuck in a hole . Loyal friend of Winnie the Pooh , Christopher Robin , a week reading books aloud to him , and inside , in a hole . Rabbit (with permission Pooh ) used his hind legs as the towel rail . Pooh was getting thinner and thinner , and that Christopher Robin said : "It's time ," and grabbed the front paws Pooh and Rabbit grabbed Christopher Robin , and relatives and friends of the Rabbit , which was an awful lot , and jumped at the Rabbit began to drag out all urine , and Winnie the Pooh popped out of the hole like a cork from a bottle , and Christopher Robin and Rabbit and all-all flew upside down !
Also Winnie the Pooh and Rabbit in the forest still live piglet Piglet (" Very Small Animal "), Owl ( she gramoteyka and can even write his name - " SAVA "), always sad donkey Eeyore . .