ПОМОГИТЕ ,ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, С АНГЛИЙСКИМ, СОСТАВЬТЕ СТАТЬЮ ПРО ДЖОНА ДЕВИСА, КОТОРЫЙ ВЫЙГРАЛ ЛОТЕРЕЮ!!Use these notes to write the story of the lottery winner. lottery winner is lucky again amazing lottery story john davis 51 an electrician hampshire wins lottery 2nd time same numbers 15 16 18 28 36 49 - matched last sunday checked his numbers says I could hardly believe my luck!


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The English seafarer, whose name bears Davies's passage between Greenland and Canada. He was the only son and the successor of the English lord, but after the termination of the Liverpool seaworthy classes, being twenty one years old, preferred to royal service destiny of the pirate and on one of the ships of the father put out to sea on searches of adventures.

но это про джона мореплавателчя и пирата