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At the dawn don't Wake me,
At the dawn I wanted to get some sleep.
“Soon noon, wash go”-
He says to me with the care of his mother.

The pillows birdie lies
(I like to play badminton).
He rest of us with you watching,
Improves the health and sleep.

Yesterday we walked in the woods,
Hugging you my neck.
I stick your Rusu braid,
Said that you I love.

We are with you in the window of the sitting.
Tea with sweets together we drink.
I'm sure you love,
And we are very well together.

All the faster the birdie fly,
And all the louder you song acting.
Your voice in my heart sounds,
He is an angel voice like.

Because I'm a big guy,
Don't get sick, don't drink, don't smoke
And I always satisfied with his fate-
Because you his lyre give.