1. Read the text and mark the sentences T(true), or F(false).
Hi Thomas,
Greeting from Tokyo! The sun is shining and we're visiting the Togo Shrine Flea Market. The market takes place on Sundays in the gardens of a shrine. It's the perfect place for buying souvenirs and gifts for friends. You can find furniture, blue and white china, 1950s film posters, Buddha statues, old coins, toys and even ancient helmets and sword! There is also traditional jewellry and costumes with lovely flower patterns here. The Japanese have a rich culture.
Right now, I am eating a sandwich. My sister is taking photographs. We're hating a great time!You must visit Tokyo sometime!
See you soon,

1. Mark is out shopping. ...
2. The market is open all week ...We
3. The market doesn't sell souvenirs ...
4. You can only buy new things at the market ...
5. Mark is in Tokyo with a family member ...
6. Mark's taking photographs ...
7. Mark's enjoying his trip ...

2. Read again and complete the sentences. Use up to five words.
1. Mark is writing from ...
2. The weather is ...
3. The market is open ...
4. You can buy ...
5. Japanese people have ...


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1 -true   
2) 1-Mark is writing from Tokyo
2-The weathers is sunny
3-The market is open on Sundays in the gardens of a shrine.
4-You can buy souvenirs and gifts for friends
 5-Japanese people have a rich culture.