Помогите написать сочинение на английском на тему зависимость от компьютера


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Lots of people accept the most invention that is computer. While people didn’t need to computers in the days of old, nowadays computers are used almost everywhere. The life without computer is impossible for people. Not only computer but, also internet. We are so much dependent on computers. Although PCs make many things esaier for us, there are some evidence that depending on computers brings negative results.
Supporters of dependence on computers a good thing say that we can learn easily information about whatever we want, find a friend who live to other cities, and work from home on computers. We know that science and teconology will be more developed, our life can easier use computers. However, such an argument completely ignores that fact that people will be more dependence on computers each passing days. Computers makes us lazy and passive. Before computers, we did lots of thing such as go to the park, visit to friends but now we don’t do that we want to stay at home with our computers.

Argues that computers today have become an inseparable part of our lives, making a difference not just at the work place, but also in our personal lives.
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To depend on the computer.I not really sit the computer much, but he можт know to attract to itself(himself) and not to release.  It is possible to sit at it for hours and to damage eyesight, to spend time, to become dependent and to lose control. The computer undoubtedly important component of our 21 century but dependence on it grows and it isn't necessary to give in to it.  Behind the computer besides entertainments it is possible to do and important things:  lessons, work, and another. Now people without it anywhere are online and behind laptops, don't forget that it is impossible to depend on the computer.