СРОЧНО...ПОМОГИИИИТЕ!!!!!!! над написать письмо по-английски как я провела прошлое воскресение...план рассказа таков:

1. Обращение(Dier,...)

2. Вступление(поблагодарить за письмо, рада была получить его/приятно было получить его, рада была услышать что всё идёт хорошо/ как дела, надеюсь что всё идёт хорошо..)предложения любые..

3. Основное содержание(ты просила меня рассказать тебе о..../о том как......./у нас..../ *взять нужно обороты Well, As for me и т.д.*)

4. Окончание(напиши мне поскорее. Как ты провела прошлое воскремение. Жд твоего ответа/надеюсь получить ответ) СРОЧНО, буду очень благодарна* с переводом сразу плииииз*


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Dear Nastya! Hello, I am pleased to write to you. I hope you all well. In the last letter you asked to write as I had on Sunday. And so. The next morning I got up, had breakfast. Later, my mother and I had to go to the city center. There we bought a new jacket for me. We have returned to two hours of the day. My friends called me and offered to go to the cafe. I certainly agree. We joked, talked and ate. In the evening we came home. At eight was my favorite show. I psmotrela him and went to bed. That's how I spent my Sunday.
And you're Nastia write faster! I am very interested to hear your answer.

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Dear Alex,(имя можешь поменять)

Hi! I haven't heard from you for ages! How are you? I was very happy when I got your letter.


Well, you asked how I had passed my weekend. I didn't have much homework to do, so when my friends called me, I was ready to walk with them. We were at cinema, then we went to the cafe (cafe е со значком). We did lots of shopping that day. I think we spent great time!


Oh, well, better go now. Now we've got too much homework, unfortunately!


Write back soon!

Your friend/Lots of love

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