Match the verbs and prepositions. Write five sentences with any of the word combinations.

1) to listen а) to
2) to be proud б) down
3) to be tired в) of
4) to be famous г) of
5) to be rich д) in
6) to be afraid е) of
7) to be interested ж) in
8) to cut з) for
9) to find и) out
10) to give к) up

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Ответы и объяснения

1) to listen     а) to
2) to be proud в) of                  
3) to be tired    г) of                 
4) to be famous з) for                 
5) to be rich  ж) in                    
6) to be afraid   е) of                 
7) to be interested     д) in          
8) to cut   б) down                   
9) to find  и) out                               
10) to give  к) up

Russia is rich in oil and gas.
I am tired of school.
My brother always listens to the loud music.