Match the verbs and prepositions. Write five sentences with any of the word combinations.

1) to listen а) to
2) to be proud б) down
3) to be tired в) of
4) to be famous г) of
5) to be rich д) in
6) to be afraid е) of
7) to be interested ж) in
8) to cut з) for
9) to find и) out
10) to give к) up


Ответы и объяснения

1) а) 
2) в)             
4) з)        
5) д)
7) ж)
8) б)                          
10) к)
1.I'm tired of this weather.
2.I love listening to music.
3. Lana gave up swimming two years ago.
4.Peter's parents are proud of him.
5.She is afraid of spiders.