Нужно написать не большой рассказ о парке в моем городе на английском языке!
У нас не большой парк в центре города.Там есть фонтан,детские горки, качели,песочницы для детей,а также дороги вдоль высаженных деревьев и скамейки где можно посидеть отдохнуть.


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My Park I would like to tell you about our park. We have a small but very fonderfull park in the centre of my city.I like to go and play there with my friends.there is a fountain in the middle of the park,children's playground,benches.There are a lot of big old trees in the park.It is cool in the summer, people comes with their children and having picnicks,old men playing the chess sitting on the benches.Ladies are playing with their childrens.Young coples enjoying reading on the grass. I love our smal park and would like you to see it too.