. what you do or don,t do every day. Ask your friend what he does every afternoon; (+)------------------------------ (-)------------------------------ (?)----------------------------- . what you are doing or aren,t doing now. Ask your friend what he is doing now; (+)---------------------- (-)----------------------- (?)---------------------- . what you did or didn,t do yestarday. Ask your friend about it. (+)----------------------- (-)------------------------- (?)------------------------


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1.  I go to school every day. I don*t go to school on Sundays. What do you do every day?

2. I am writing an English text now. I am not running now. What are you doing now?

3. I watched TY yesterday in the evening. I did not go to the cinema yesterday. What did you do yesterday?

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I read books every day. I don't play tennis every day. What doyou do every afternooon?

I am helping my Mum about the house now. I am not watching Tv now. What are oyu doing now?

I went to the theatre yesterday. I didn't swim in the river yesterday. What did you do yesterday?