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Among the first days of spring March 8 all expensive. And the whole earth, for all people Spring and women alike. Good luck to you, your health And we wish happiness And with the first spring holiday We congratulate.
* * *
My dear, dear mummy!
I love you very much.
I want you to be happy
On the 8th of March! 

* * * 
I like the way you look,
I like the way you cook,
Now I want to say:
«Happy Mother’s Day!»
That is your mother,
I agree, she is fine.
You love your mother,
And I love mine!
Mommy I love you
More than you see
You have always been there
When I needed you to be 

I know I don’t show
How great my love is
But I need you to know
All the love or you I have to give 

I know a face, a lovely face
As full of beauty as of grace,
A face of pleasure and of smile.
In darkness it gives the light.
A face that is itself like joy,
To see it I’m a happy boy.
And I have a joy that have no other.
This lovely woman is my moth
Each bright flower Каждый яркий цветок
Is here to say Должен передать
My wish to you: Моё пожелание вам:
«Happy Mother’s Day!» «Счастливого Дня матери» 

My mother is very nice Моя мама очень хорошая. 
She has got beautiful eyes. У неё красивые глаза
She has got a smile to charm us. У неё есть улыбка, которая очаровывает нас
She has got a song to calm us. У неё есть песни, что успокаивают нас.
I love my dear Mummy, Я люблю мою дорогую мамочку,
I love her very much! Я её очень люблю!
And do you love your Mummy? А вы любите свою маму?
Of course! And very much! Конечно! И очень сильно!
Here Is a Flower
Here is a flower
For a very special day
Just for you
On Mother’s Day
Many hugs and kisses, too
Each one says that I love you 

For My Mother
Here are flowers
For a very special day
Just for you
On Mother’s Day 

I must have been born
Beneath a lucky star
To have a mother
As nice as you are! 

I love you mommy
My dearest mommy.
You make me happy
when I am sad.
I want to tell you
I really love you.
When I’m with you
I am so glad! 
Happy Mother’s Day To You 
(Tune: London Bridges)
Happy Mother’s Day to you
day to you, day to you.
Happy Mother’s Day to you
I love you.
Hugs and Kisses just for you
just for you, just for you.
Hugs and Kisses just for you 
I Love You! 

My Mom
Mom, Mom, Mom
My sweet little mom! 
Mom, Mom, Mom
My dear little mom!