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У меня дома есть большой бассейн. Мы с семьёй живём в двух этажном доме. У меня есть собака её зовут Милка. Мы с Милкой во дворе играем в игру Прятки. У нас дом синего цвета. И в нём очень уютно.
I very love my house. Typically come back in the evening, open the gate, and the whole yard filled mysterious light. Because each of us is especially dear to the area on earth, where you can be yourself, to sit under the thick cover of grape leaves, to dream. Look at old with a shattered bark of the vine, and it seems to me that it is my childhood and youth are reflected in the ripe berries. Home lives. Smoldering embers in the fireplace, cat basking lazily and purrs. At my house, with branches nut that leaned green tent over the asphalt track, no-no and flew off prematurely yellowed leaves. The house is my pain and joy, it gives me great moments of creative insights, plunges into the abyss of doubts and disappointments, he is my closest friend and patron. For me and for other people, home is our personal memory, part of the heart that we must keep that gives us wise precepts of life, beauty and moral strength.