Срочно!!! Написать диалог по второму юниту ( 2 unit) срочно!!! Очень нужно!!!


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-Hi! Ksenia
 -Do you often go to the theatre?
-Yes, I do
What is your favourite theatre?
-My favourite theatre is the Bolshoi Theatre.
What are your favourite actors?
-My favourite actors are Mel Gibson and Whoopi Goldberg
-Which do you like better: drama, opera or ballet? What about nautical comedies and variety shows?
-I like them all.As for me, I prefer drama, but I like opera and musical comedies, too
-Do you prefer matinees or evening performances? When do evening performances start?
Where do you like to have seats?
-I prefer evening performances which start at 7 o'clock sharp after the third bell. 
I usually have seats in the stalls.

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