Написать небольшое сочинение(10 предложений) по английскому на тему "Дом будущего"

Home of the future for me looks like this: inside the house is a big table, and around the house to people helping people roboty.A house moves on the thoughts of man, where he would order people out there and go.
    That's all that came to my head ...больше не знаю)

Ответы и объяснения

My future house will be very big and will have about 4 levels. It will be a white cottage. It should definitely has 1 big kitchen,2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, a large lobby, a swimming pool,a computer room. I'd like to build my house by myself.I want make it very comfortable. This place won't mean only a house for me. It will mean a place where i can relax after a bad day. I want to live in my house without my parents. My future house will be in Spain. And i hope i will live in this house for a very long time.