написать на английском инструкцию по применению утюга или другого электрического прибора. чем больше, тем лучше. буду очень благодарна :)


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1Check to see if the clothing can be ironed. Look at the tags to see if they provide ironing instructions. If they don't tell you what setting to put your iron, then look to see if they indicate what material the fabric is made of; some irons have setting based on type of material.
2Set up the ironing area. Use a sturdy table or ironing board.
3Fill the iron’s water reservoir, if it has one. Make sure that you use filtered water to avoid calcium build-up in your iron, which could end up clogging the iron's steam spouts.
4Set the iron on the appropriate setting and let it heat up.
5Begin ironing by laying your garment flat on the board. Make sure there are no wrinkles.
6Begin ironing. Do not let the iron sit still on the garment.
7Turn the clothing over and iron the other side.
8Hang the clothing on a hanger immediately to prevent re-wrinkling.