Срочно!нужно составить условные предложения:

5 с первым условием,5 со вторым


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I тип:

1.If You ring me up, I shall tell you something.

2. If the weather is fine,he will go running.

3. if my friend comes to see me, I shall be very glad

4.If he does not work hard, he will fail the exam.

5. If my mother bakes a cake, we shall have a nice dinner.

II тип:

1.They would be surprised if I made such a mistake.

2.If he knew English, he would try to enter the university.

3.If my father returned earlier, we should watch TV together.

4.If I lived in the south, I should bathe every day.

5.If I had this rare book, I should be very happy. 

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I тип условно- придаточных предложений:

1. If I do my homework I'll go for a walk with my friends.

2. If she doesn't cook dinner, her children will be hungry.

3. When they write the dictation they will have a rest.

4. If I finish my school year excellently my parents will give me a present.

5. If the sun shines he will not take the umbrella.

II тип условно- придаточных предложений:

1. If I didn't read this book my techer would give me a bad mark.

2. If he came to see me I would show him my collection of coins.

3. If they came in time they would not miss the train.

4. If the weather was fine I would go to the beach.

5. If I were you I wouldn't do that.