Написать рассказ про друга по английски. Пожалуйста люди добрые помогите,нужно срочно, завтра сдавать!


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I HAVE A FRIEND. hER NAME IS aNN. She is  14. Ann is a nice girl  with green eyes and long fair hair. Her face is delicate and beautiful. She is not tall. Very often people think that we are sisters because she looks like me. She  goes to the same school where I do.nn studies very well and always helps me with my homework. Her favourite subject is English. She spends a lot of time learning new words and reading English books. Besides she is fond of music. She  can play piano very well/ Last year she won the music competition where she played Mozart better than all other pupils.I admire the  way  she plays. I can*t imagine  my life without Ann. She is a true friend whom I can tell everything  and she can always  help me when I need it.