Составте 5 коротеньких предложений на английском на тему люблю ли я бутерброды с чаем....
Плиззз срочно надо!!!!

Англ: There is a good proverb that I like very much: “We eat to live, but do not live to eat.” I think this is true because food is something that we need to stay alive. Food is a source of energy. Nevertheless I like eating tasty food even though I am not much into it. So, for some people food is a source of pleasure, too. But the food that we eat should also be healthy. I eat similar food every day. It is usually very

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I like tea and sandwiches.
I like to drink tea with sandwich.
I like to eat sandwiches with tea.
I will always like to eat sandwiches with tea.
I will never forget the taste of sandwiches and tea.