составить рассказ из 10 предложений о итогах зимних олимпийских игр в сочи 2014 (срочно)


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Winter Olympic Games 2014 (English 2014 Winter Olympics, фр. Jeux Olympiques d'hiver de 2014, the official name XXII the Olympic winter Games) — the international sporting event which was taking place in the Russian city of Sochi from February 7 to February 23, 2014. The capital of the Olympic games — 2014 was chosen during the 119th IOC session in Guatemala on July 4, 2007 [⇨]. In the territory of Russia the Olympic Games took place for the second time (before in Moscow in 1980 passed the summer Olympic Games), and for the first time — winter Games. Upon termination of the Olympic Games on the same objects the winter Paralympic Games — 2014 will be held. The Organizing committee "Sochi 2014" [⇨] is engaged in the organization of the winter Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2014.On March 1, 2010 — 2010 president of the IOC Jacques Rogge gave the Olympic flag to the closing ceremonies of the winter Olympic Games to the mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov. This process was accompanied by the action telling about the Russian culture [⇨]. In three months before Jacques Rogge presented the Sochi-2014 logo. In 2011 mascots of the winter Olympic Games — 2014 chose the White bear, a snow Leopard and Hare. In 500 days prior to the Olympic Games the Organizing committee "Sochi 2014" announced a slogan of the forthcoming Olympic Games: "Hot. Winter. Yours" ("Hot. Cool. Yours" in option in English).Games in Sochi are the twenty second (XXII) winter on the account (also summer Games of 1980 in Moscow were twenty second also). After end of the Olympic Games by tradition the winter Paralympic Games — 2014 will be held. In comparison with Vancouver-2010 the number of competitions in various disciplines is increased on 12, 98 sets of medals [⇨] were in total played.