Привет!!! Помогите пожалуйста. Надо написать текст о какой - либо технической новинке.( 10 предложений) Очень надо на завтра. ПОМОГИТЕ!!=)


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First prototype of mobile phone was created in 1946. From there, to our, 2012 year, its went through numerous improvements and changes. Now, mobile phone which we know very well, is far, far away from it's first prototype. Smaller, lighter, usable, smarter.


In our days we can't even imagine a day without usual phone calls and quick text messages. It keeps us in touch with others. Mobile phone, probably, really is a must-have thing today. We use it not only for mere calls to simply do some chit-chat. Many peoples use it for it's original purpose — business and work.


But lately, in twenty first century, mobile phone changed his role a little and become not merely a device for communication, but for entertaiment too. For example, many phones, new especially, have variety of games to play. Integration with other services, like Internet, increased mobile phones popularity across teenagers as well.