Выберите правильный вариант из предложенных и впишите его.1. She congratulated me warmly _____ my exam results.
a) for b) on c) with
2. She suddenly burst _____ tears.
a) with b) to c) into
3. He was listening to music _____ he was driving home from work.
a) till b) since c) while
4 My father was in hospital _____ six weeks.
a) since b) for c) in
5. I dialed the wrong number _____ mistake.
a) by b) on c) at
6. Don’t put the blame _____ me! It was Carol who broke the window.
a) on b) for c) at
7. I don’t want to put up _____ that noise any longer.
a) about b) at c) with
8. _____ my view there’s little difference between these two things.
a) at b) in c) for
9 He has been unemployed _____ 1998.
a) since b) from c) till
10. They are expected to arrive _____ London tomorrow morning.
a) at b) in c) to
11. The company has invested a lot of money in _____ computer equipment.
a) last b) the last c) the latest
12. I feel _____ about forgetting her birthday.
a) so badly b) so bad c) such bad
13. The new consultant is not _____ we thought.
a) so experienced as b) as experienced than c) as experienced like
14 Linda felt _____ before the English exam.
a) so nervously b) such nervous c) so nervous
15. It was very _____ for him not to get the job.
a) disappointing b) disappointfully c) disappointed
16. _____ they’d left the children at home with Susan.
a) As usual b) Usually c) As used
17. I’d love to have hair like _____.
a) your b) yours c) your’s
18. She spent all her life in doing good to _____.
a) others b) the others c) the other
19. He said he had _____ intention to offend me.
a) no b) none c) neither
20. Unfortunately _____ could be done in that situation.
a) little b) few c) a little
21. No wonder she’s so thin, she hardly eats.
a) something b) anything c) any
22. Don’t hurry. We have _____ time left before we have to leave.
a) little b) a little c) a few
23. The screwdriver won’t do. Is there_____ tool you can use?
a) some other b) any other c) some else
24. London’s population reached its peak of _____ people in 1939.
a) 8 millions b) 8 million of c) 8 million
25. Trees were planted along the street _____ to reduce traffic noise.
a) so as b) for c) because
26. I had forgotten my passport and _____ I couldn’t cross the border.
a) because of b) therefore c) so that


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1.  b) on  2. c) into 3. c) while 4 b) for   5. a) by 6. a) on 7. c) with 8.  b) in                
9  a) since  10. b) in  11. c) the latest 12. b) so bad  13. a) so experienced as 
14 c) so nervous  15. a) disappointing  16. a) As usual   17. b) yours 
18. c) the other  19. a) no  20. a) little 21. b) anything  22. b) a little  23. b) any other
24. c) 8 million  25. a) so as 26. b) therefore