1)Write much or many in front of these nouns.
How much money?
How _____ people??
How _____snow?
How ____tickets?
How ____children?
How ____ coffee?
How ____ cups?
How ______ sugar?
How ____ cheese?
How _____ homework.
2) glass loaf piece piece bowl bottle bar cup
bread chocolate paper honey water milk tea soup wood
Write a ....... of .... for each word.Use the words in the boxes.
example:a piece of wood

3)Meals in Britain
People have afternoon tea with (chewisntsa) __________.(akesc) ________ .(cmear) cream teas are very popular


Ответы и объяснения

Many people, much snow, many, many, much, much, much, much, many
2)loaf of bread, piece of chocolate, piece of paper, bottle of water,, cup of tea, bowl of soup,