ответить на вопросы (только можно более распространенные предложения с пояснением ): 1) Have you already chosen your future jod? 2) It is easy to choose a profession? 3) who helped you to make your chace? 4) Do you know much about your future job? 5) Are you the right person for this job? 6) what should you do to become successful in your future career?


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1. Yes, I have. My future profession will be [твоя профессия]. 

2. No, it's not. Choosing a profession is a one of hard life decisions, which will certainly affect your future. 

3. In the "profession choosing task" my parent helped me a little. 

4. Yes, I do. After I chose my future job, I did some research, use Internet and even have a talk with some people of this profession to know more.

5. I think I am. I have exactly needed qualities for my future job. 

6. Now is more important to graduate from school. After that, career grow is a matter of time. I just will do what I need to do and try really hard.


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