СРОЧНО !!! Составте маленький рассказ про достопримечательности Любого города России !!! на английском !!! Зарание спасибо )))


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Царь пушка
On top of the barrel has cast two inscriptions :Right - " the decree of the Blessed Christ- and Tsar and Grand Prince Fedor sovereign Autocrat of All the Great Russian with his pious queen and hristolyubivoy Grand Duchess Irina "Left - "merge byst And this gun in the city of Moscow preimenitom summer 7094 , in his State of the third summer . Gun gun did litets Chokhov Andrew . "According to one version , the name of the Tsar Cannon is associated with the image of Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich , but more likely that the name was due to the significant size of the gun. In ancient times, the gun is also sometimes called " Russian Shotgun " because it was designed to not only fire stone balls , but " fractions" , ie shot. Some inventories classified gun as well as the basilisk .Along the length of the gun barrel has 6 calibers , while mortars XVII-XVIII centuries it reached 2-2.5 caliber , while long-range mortars - to 3.5 caliber.history.