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Fox ran for crows gaping - and got into the well. Water in the well was a bit: you can not drown, and pop - too. Sitting fox grieves.
      Is goat - a clever head, goes beard shakes, shakes Rozhische, looked nothing better to do in the well, saw a fox and asks:
- What are you, lisanka, are you doing?
- Rest, my dear, - meets a fox - it is up there, it's hot, so I'm here to pick up. Once it is cool so good! Voditsy holodnenkoy - all you want!
      A goat long thirsty.
- Test the water for? - Asks a goat.
- Excellent - responsible fox. - Clean, cool! Jump here, if you like, here is a place for us both.
      Jumped foolish goat, fox, not just crushed. And she told him:
- Ah, the bearded fool, and jump-then do not know how - all splattered.
      Fox goat jumped on his back, from the back on the horn, get out of the well.
      I almost lost a goat to death in the well, hardly something to find it by the horns and dragged.