Write about your favourite animal.Use the plan.Don't name the animal,don't draw it.Let your partner guess its name.
3.where it lives
4.hunts or doesn't hunt


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There are many rare animals around the world. These animals are called threatened species. People hunt them and kill them for leather, meat and fur. Except of this, the natural habitat of rare animals is destroyed. So they can’t breed.For example, among the rare animals there is a sloth, an anteater, a duckbill, a Tibetan fox etc. All rare animals do exist but there is a real threaten of their disappearance. We must protect them to keep these species for next generations.There are two types of animals: wild and domestic ones. Wild animals are called so because they live without a man in forests, steppes and deserts. In other words, they don’t need a human to survive. Domestic animals live with a man, they are tamed by him. Domestic animals can be pets (dogs, cats, parrots) or kettle (cows, horses, pigs). I like animals very much. When I grow up I want to be a vet.