Упражнение 2.
Переведите на английский язык глаголы.
1. A lot of houses построено in Moscow and other towns.
2.When было написано this letter?
3. The letter было написано this morning.
4. Whom будет переведена this article into English by?
5. The article переведена already.
6. This question обсуждался when we came in.
7. Where are the students? They экзаменуются now in the next room.
8. By the time they arrive the work закончена.
9. A huge plant in the town of N был построен recently.
10. The little boy смотрели with interest by the people.
11. I (to check up) my homework before she (to question) me.


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1. A lot of houses have been built in Moscow and other towns. 
2. When was this letter written? 
3. The letter was written this morning. 
4. Whom will this article translated into English by? 
5. The article has already been translated. 
6. This question was being discussed when we came in. 
7. Where are the students? They are sitting an exam now in the next room. 
8. By the time they arrive the work wil have been finished.
9. A huge plant in the town of N has been built recently. 
10. The little boy was looked at with interest by the people. 
11. I had checked up my homework before she questioned me.