Помогите написать сочинение по английскому,о гаджете без которого невозможно прожить.Заранее спасибо,ответившему +100500 к карме)))


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  Many people believe that the mobile phone is very useful and necessary thing. Others that it is injurious to health and normal communication. Who is right?
I think that the mobile phone an indispensable thing in the modern world without him is very difficult to manage. Firstly, it allows you to quickly connect with anyone. Secondly, the mobile phone has long ceased to be just a phone; it allows you to get online. Thirdly it allows you to send quick messages to any user. Besides, almost all phones are equipped with a camera that allows you to capture video when there is no camera on hand. Finally an entire game console, with many kinds of entertainment, from games and ending movies.
On the other hand, it can harm the health and communication. First of all signals that sends the phone to be harmful to the human brain. Than to mobile phones suffer from eyesight and immunity. Also, scientists warn: Children, who use mobile phones, are at increased risk for disorders of memory and sleep. More than that mobile phone does not sleep because of signals sent to them, disrupting the normal alternation of sleep phases. In addition, some people believe that cell phone interferes with normal communication of people, because some people simply call in and talk than to meet a living.
In conclusion I would like to say that the modern world simply can not do without mobile phones and phone manufacturers are trying to make their phones as safe as possible.
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