ответить на вопросы: 1) Have you already chosen your future jod? 2) It is easy to choose a profession? 3) who helped you to make your chace? 4) Do you know much about your future job? 5) Are you the right person for this job? 6) what should you do to become successful in your future career?


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1)Yes,I guess,I've already chosen my future job.I am going to be an intepreter.

2)I think so.

3)My parents helped me to choose such kind of profession.

4)I think it will be very interesting job.I will communicate with different people and etc.

5)I think so.

6)I should improve my English to become successful in your future career

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1.I have already chosen my future profession.

2. Of course it is very difficult to choose the profession which will be interesting for me all my life and will give me enough money to live without problems.

3.My parents helped me to make the right choise

4.I try to know more about my future job.

5.I think that first of all I must get the nessercary education, have good practice and only after that I will  be able to judge  if I am the right person for this job or not.

6.I should study well, work hard, have more practice