Помогите поставить предлоги где это надо. Плизз очень надо!! Сегодня сдавать!!


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1) Have you already bought a ticket "to" London? The perfprmance "in" the theatre begin "at" a quarter "to" seven. And where are the tickets "?" the play, "?" the way? 2) How did you travel "in" last summer? Did you go "to" the mountains "by" car or did you go "?" foot? 3) Who will take part "in" this work? I think many will because it's popular ... our pupils. 4) Where are our seats? I'm proud "?" them. They are "in" the stalls. I'm fond "?" sitting "?" the stalls as you can see "?" the stage very well.
вроде я все правильно написала