When we have a holiday my mum usually cook's nice food. We usually lay the table nicely with a new tablecloth, clean plates, spoons and forks. We usually sit down at the table together. We often smile and make jokes. We discuss interesting problems. We always say: "Help yourself" and "Thank you". We usually enjoy your dinner. But sometimes I prefer to eat fast food. I eat a pizza, ice cream and yoghurt for my dinner. I have a glass of juice. I like to eat while lying on the bed in my room. We usually have three meals a day. They are: breakfast, dinner and supper. I have breakfast at 9 o'clock at home. It is usually a sandwich and glass of coffee. For dinner I have soop and glass of juice. I prefer eat biscuit and drink a cap of tea for supper. I don't like hunny, fish and milk. проверьте текст плиз исправьте грамматические ошибки...там лишние артикли или пропущенные..


Ответы и объяснения

....my mum usually cooks... - без апострофа
...we usually enjoy our dinner...
... не soop а soup
i prefer to eat bicsuits and drink cup of tea
не уверена, что нашла все ошибки