Write sentences from these words. Some of the sentences are questions.Sentences 1 - 7 are present.(the office / clean / every day) (these rooms / clean / every day?) (glass / make /from sand) (stamps / sell / in a post office) (this room / not / use / very often) (we / allow / to park here?) (how / this word / pronounce?) Sentences 8 - 15 are past.(the office / clean / yesterday) (the house / paint / last month) (my phone / steal / a few days ago) (three people / injure / in the accident) (when / this bridge / build?) (I / not / wake up / by the noise) (how / these windows / break?) (you / invite / to Jon's party last week?)


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The office is cleaned every day.
Are these rooms cleaned every day?
Glass is made from sand.
Stamps are sold in a post office.
Tthis room is not used very often.
Are we allowed to park here?
How is this word pronounced?
The office was cleaned yesterday.
The house was painted last month.
My phone was stolen a few days ago.
Three people were injured in the accident.
When was this bridge built?
I was not woken up by the noise.
How were these windows broken?
Were you invited to John's party last week?

Продолжение помогите, my bicycle/steal/a few days ago. 12) when/whis bridge/build?)13) you/invite/to the party last week?)14) how/these windows/break?)15) i /not /wake up/by the noise)