Ответы на вопросы; 1) what is your pet doing at the moment? 2) Is it raining now? 3) Where are yon sitting? 4) What are yon looking at? 5) What yon writing with? 6) What are yon going to do after yon finish this exercise?


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 My cat is jumping and running in the kitchen at the moment. No, it"s not raining now. I"m sitting in my room on the sofa now. I"m looking at my copybook now. I"m writing with my pen now/ I"m going to watch TV set after I finish this exercise.
 Ставь вверху одну запятую (апостроф) не могу найти её на клавиатуре.
My cat is playing in our garden at the moment . No it is not . I am sitting on the armchair now . I am looking at the computer now . I am going to play with my cat after finish this exercise или I am going to have supper after finish this exercise .
1) He (she) sleping now 2) no, it isn't 3) I sitting on the chear 4) I looking TV 5) - 6)I go to the park. на 5 не знаю ответа.