ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА составить диалог (10 предл.) на тему как ты проводишь каникулы с
конструкциями So do I и Neither / Nor do I и словами - fascinating,
handsome, sights


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-Hey, brother! How're you doing?
-I'm all right! 
- How did you spend your summer holidays in georgia?
- Amazing! That was so fascinating, as you can't imagine!
- Bro! I'm so happy to hear it from you! I usually only drink cola and watch tv during my summer holidays..
- As you see, neither do I ! Next time you're gong to Georgia with me!
-Niether you drop an atom bomb on my house,or cause an acid rain above my head I won't go with ya!
- Well, whatever,friend! your choise. Now we gotta play your XBOX! 
- I waiting for you to say that, bro!
-Let's do it!
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