Помоги пожалуйста составить диалог о том,как ботаник побуждает начать учиться неуча..с каждого участника по 5 реплик


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Bred: Good morning, Billy!
Billy: Hey, Bred!
Bred: How are you? How your progress in study?
Billy: Im OK, but I have bad marks, and don't want to study...
Bred: Bbut, bbut....This is awful, this is very very bad for you, for me, for your parents!!!
Billy: Pfff, don't care about me. School is boring, I don't like it!
Bred: You can!!! You can study good! You can get only good marks!!!
Billy: You really think that I can?!
Bred: Of course, I will help you with you want, OK?
Billy: I will be only happy if you help me, thank you very much!
Bred: Not at all, Im your friend))