Paraphrase these sentences using pronouns instead of the words in bold

Example: I expect Julia to come back tomorrow.

I expect her to come
back tomorrow.

1)I would like my brother to buy a new book by this

2)We want the boys to get good marks for their

3) My parents expect my sister and me to get up rather
early on Sun­day.

4) I don't want Ed to irritate me.

5) We would love Tom and Sue to get married.

6) They expect Betty to reappear soon.

7) My granny would like my parents and me to visit her more

8) Your cousins say they would like your family to meet Aunt Pol­ly at the

9) Do you expect Bob to drive all that distance

10) I expect Jennie and Max to inform me about their


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I would like him to buy.....
We want them to get....
My parents expect her and me to.....
I don't want him to...
We would love them to.....
They expect her to .....
My granny would like them and me to.....
Your cousins say that they would like them to....
Do you expect him to....
I expect them to...