Помогите пожайлуста, нужно составить диалог (по 7-8 реплик у каждого собеседника). Диалог про какие-либо 2 проишествия (например, солнечный удар, потеря вещей, поломка машины, опоздание на рейс и т.п.), оба проишествия происходят только у одного собеседника. Заранее благодарю.


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Hi Bill 
Hi Mike 
You know, I was an unpleasant event 
What happened? 
My dad damaged the car 
Oh my God! 
You can help me. 
How can I help you, Bill? 
Come evening 
How about to watch a movie? 
This is so cool 
Before meeting Bill
 Goodbye   Mike
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Isabelle: No, not at all. Italy was fantastic! The people are very friendly and I loved Italian cuisine. You have to go to Rome some day. It's beautiful.
Andrew: Yes, maybe next year. Did you manage to go to Spain?
Isabelle: Yes, but I had a bit of trouble in Barcelona.
Andrew: Really? What happened?
Isabelle: My purse was stolen while I was waiting for a bus. Luckily, there wasn't much money in it.
Andrew: That's bad luck!
Isabelle: I know, but these things happen and I didn't let it spoil my holiday.
Andrew: Good for you! Anyway, the important thing is that you're back safe and sound, and you had a good time.
Isabelle: That's true, and I'm thinking of going back next year if you're interested.
Andrew: Sounds good!
конечно можно, у тебя даже немного прикольней получилось ;)
Это не мой, из учебника.