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The main components of the UK government's economic policy aimed at building a sustainable economy and social well-being, reflected in the financial plan of the country, the 2005 budget. The document identified further socio-economic challenges posed in front of the British government, estimates and projections are presented for national economic development and public finance, and government program activities to achieve these tasks.

Dynamics of GDP in the Big Eight in the years 1992-2009, the percentage of the level of 1992
Significant progress the British economy, noted in recent years, along with a flexible government regulation led to a general stabilization of national macroeconomic indicators, relatively low levels of inflation and unemployment.
Internal stability, achieved through the proper government economic policies have helped the British economy to cope with the majority of adverse events, as manifested by recent global recession. Over the past three years in the UK only once for the quarter was marked by the decline in output and GDP growth does not stop for more than four years (the last half century is a record).
Rapid technological change and intense competition in global markets are creating new realities for all industries britanskoyekonomiki, and business is continuously faced with the problem of survival. Under these conditions, an essential attribute of national economic policy, the British Government considers the creation of flexible and dynamic labor markets, goods and capital, are able to quickly and effectively adapt to changing circumstances that affect the profitability and competitiveness of enterprises (the emergence of new markets and new competitors, the emergence of more efficient technologies and the transformation of consumer demand, rising prices for raw materials)