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Население Британских островов.The population of the British Isles.

The British Isles are the home of four nations — English, Scottish. Welsh and Irish. Even though foreigners often call all British people « English », and sometimes have difficulty in appreciating the distinctions, the component nations of the United Kingdom are well aware of their own individual characteristics. The Scots, Welsh and Irish regard themselves as largely Celtic peoples, while the English are mainly Anglo-Saxon in origin.

British society as a whole does not have a uniform cultural identity. In 1993 the population of the United Kingdom was about 58 million inhabitants. This figure gives a population density of 600 persons per square mile (284 per square km). England has an average density of 980 persons per square mile (364 per square km). This average does not reveal the even higher densities in some areas of the country, such as southeast parts. Within Europe only the Netherlands has a higher population than England.